Back in college, I thought sarees were too much of a hassle and hated wearing them. But then it was time for the most important day of a girl’s life, before she gets the taste of the real world… FAREWELL!

As usual, everybody was expected to dress up in sarees. I didn’t trust myself to make it all the way through the event. I thought either the heat will kill me or I will trip and fall and goof up.  

But I still wanted to look the best and started digging into my maa’s cupboard to find something graceful and elegant. I pulled out a nice brown checkered saree and teamed it up with a sunny yellow crop top that I had bought last week. I looked fab in all the photos and even got a few compliments that day. It was the most memorable day of my life. I got home and hugged my mom while narrating all the fun stories of the day. She was so happy that she gifted me that saree and asked me to wear it on such happy occasions. I wasn’t sure if I will ever wear a saree again in my life. But here I am… an avid saree lover!

I wear sarees to work, for coffee dates or simple dinner with parents. I think saree is an epitome of confidence and one should carry it with a broad smile! Sometimes when I wear saree to work, I often get questions like:

“Is there any festival today?”

“How did you get time to drape the saree’?

“How are you able to walk’?

I want to shush them all but it’s always fun to get the extra attention. I always want my comfort when I am draping a saree. Right from its fabric to the design, only the super comfortable ones make it to my wardrobe. And, that’s why Nuwa Label sarees became an important part of my collection.

Their six yard elegance doesn’t just make good designs, it also gives you the luxury of carrying it with utmost ease. Whether I am at work or taking the metro home, there’s no moment when I feel like I am trapped. If you are looking for elegance, comfort, everyday wear quirky designs, Nuwa Label is your go-to shop.

Pair it with funky blouses or subtle crop tops and see the compliments that come your way. Let’s bring back the sarees and make it a part of our everyday lives.  Don’t let the famous false phrase “Sarees are boring and uncomfortable”, ruin your love for them. Get out there, experiment with your look and up your fashion game.

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You certainly don’t need on occasion to drape that traditional saree! Also, if you are wondering about the comfort, let me tell you that Nuwa Label makes one of the most comfortable sarees. Unlike, other silk sarees that drains your energy in 1 hour, this ethnic piece is very smooth and easy going. You can wear it to work, a day out with friends or just a casual lunch with your parents.

Though this six-yard of grace gives traditional feels but, I didn’t drape it the usual way. I gave it a new twist by wearing the not-so-usual golden belt. I explored my South Indian roots with Nuwa Label’s creation and it was definitely a head turner. An elegant golden blouse is the cherry on top to complete the stylish traditional look. But, you can also pair it with any somber shaded blouse. And, if you have got a good collection of traditional ear-rings, this is your time! Throw in those oxidized/pearls or just any ethnic accessory to go with the whole avatar.

Don’t care about the occasion, simply carry it with confidence and remember to make a statement.  

Let’s stay stylish, draped with a smile and culture!

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